USB: Guinean Rhythms for Dancers

USB: Guinean Rhythms for Dancers


Guinea Rhythms for Dancers

A collection of Djembe and Dunun music from West Africa


15 minutes each of 37 well known Guinean rhythms, played by talented Guinean drummers, professionally

recorded Guinea West Africa, and meticulously mixed in the States, saved on a USB drive, packaged in a sweet

handmade African Fabric bag, for sale to you at a great price. Nice. !


Dancers who want to practice what they have learned. Dance companies who would like to rehearse and

perform to solid music. Dance teachers who need a backup plan when the drummers don’t show up. Dancers

who want to finally be able to tell the difference between Kindia Soli and Mane, Soli and Mendiani, and

Dunungbe and Bandon Djeli. !


Because it seems like many dancers would benefit from such recordings. And because we are looking for ways

to support and employ African musicians in Africa, while also growing the availability of high level Guinean

culture, music and dance outside of Guinea. !


Recorded in February 2014. !


Members of the Guinean group ‘Bandandjou’:

• Mohamed Bangora

• Alhasanne Bangora

• Karim Camara

• Djomba Kourouma

• Mohamed Sylla

Recorded and mixed by Tyler Richart, one smart and qualified guy. Financed by Sarah Lee and Mamady

Mansare... and of course your purchases.


Please, please, please. Please do not make copies of the recordings and give them to others. We have

invested thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours into this project. We are hoping to earn back our initial

investment and continue to pay the artists for their work. That will not happen if people can get it free from

you. We have priced it fairly, and will do our best to make it easy to purchase. Thank you.

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Very beautiful music. Super good and stuff.